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Independent CFOs are professionals with experience in multiple financial arenas who utilize their expertise to assist organizations with creating strategies for growth, managing cash flow, and making sound business decisions based on accurate financial data.
Many businesses need a CFO to provide expertise to unlock the door to financial peace and provide affordable solutions for an array of business economic challenges.
Our Professional CFOs partner with you in order to help develop Revenue & Profitability Strategies, Key Performance Indicators, and Cash Flow Projections. Additionally, as partners, we keep track of your day-to-day financial processes and we work with you on critical strategic projects.
With A. Redic Consulting, you will get a dedicated CFO to help you

Financial Strategies

Our Strategic Financial Solutions offer business owners a detailed data analysis that provides information that assist with making well-informed decisions, which will ensure operational efficiency and business effectiveness.
Our Strategic Approach is to develop meaningful Performance Metrics that provide insight into key areas of the business, such as long and short range profitability forecast, financial anomalies, and acquisition costs, and cost-savings measures.
Our Strategic Benefit is the experience and value our team of CFOs will immediately bring to organization. When we become partners, our objectives are to improve financial stability and grow your business.

About Us

A. Redic Consulting, LLC is an independent CFO firm that caters to CEOs, entrepreneurs, and executive teams seeking to find creative financial solutions amidst a rapidly changing business environment.

Our goal is to relieve you of the arduous financial tasks that occupy your time and take you away from what you do best…Find new customers and grow your business.

Our success is not based on our rich history and vast business and financial experience; but rather, it is based on our ability to help you make good strategic decisions and positively impact your bottom line.

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